Events at the Rio Pusteria Close


The close is available from the spring to the autumn for historical events, “special” occasions and social and cultural events, providing they are compatible with the state of ruin of the structure.
Selected feasts, such as small marriages, birthday parties and similar events are also quite welcome.
If you wish to organise an event, please send us a clear and detailed request!


  • The Close of Rio Pusteria is opened and made available willingly to persons who wish to organise events of a social and cultural nature, providing they are conducted in respect of the monument and in harmony with the status of the structure as a historical ruin.
  • The association makes several or all of the space of the close available to organisers for the desired period.
  • The placement and removal of tables, chairs and other objects, and cleaning of the area prior to and after the event are the responsibility of the organisers.
  • Organisers are also responsible for any official permits necessary and answer legally for the event; in some cases it is advisable to stipulate an insurance policy.
  • Outdoor advertising on the external walls of the ruin is subject to restrictions according to specific regulations, in terms of time and space and also due to the vicinity of the road, and must be authorised by the Provincial Road Service.
  • The rental fee for the area depends on the type, size and duration of the event and is established on the basis of the official price list of the association; both the rent and the cautionary deposit for possible damages must be paid prior to the beginning of the event.
  • Further details are available in the document that sets forth the terms agreed upon for the event.